IT Support & Networking

Small- and mid-sized companies’ IT infrastructures are as important as the global enterprises’ – we understand that. The main differences are that the skills and solutions which larger organizations take for granted are typically beyond the reach of small and medium sized companies. Hawkins Consulting bridges the gap and delivers enterprise-class solutions and service to the global giant through to the small office.

Crafted E-Newsletters

E-Newsletters can be the cornerstone of any good online campaign. Communicate with your audience directly and get immediate, trackable results. We can design a custom newsletter based on your corporate standards or come up with a completely new look a feel for a unique online campaign. All design projects come with original artwork by an amazing designer and you have the option to have the design converted to HTML for use in your email campaign or you can do that yourself. It’s up to you.

Enterprise Networking

Hawkins Consulting delivers scalable network solutions to ensure that you get the right network for your organization and its operations – and with the flexibility to grow with you as your business expands. Hawkins Consulting can also deal with connectivity among your company sites and remote employees, with cost-effective and secure networks. We have the experience to design your network from inception through to installation and monitoring.

Website Design and Programming

When you call on Hawkins Consulting for your website development needs, you’ll be calling on a professional design company that prides itself on supplying visually stunning custom web page design that helps your business work better.  Clean, SEO-Friendly web design requires a lot more than a flashy, brightly colored animations and stock photos. It takes knowledge of high design principles, tried and tested web design and development company, usability studies and new web development technology that will help your company deliver.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Just because your site is listed in the search engines won’t mean that your customers can find it. Only a systematic search engine optimization and positioning campaign is effective in getting your website the exposure it deserves. This is because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are custom tailored to your specific site and are designed to give the search engines what they want in order to find your site among your competitors.

Cloud Virtualization

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift following the shift from mainframe to client–server in the early 1980s. Details are abstracted from the users, who no longer have need for expertise in, or control over, the technology infrastructure “in the cloud” that supports them. Cloud computing represents a new delivery model for IT services based on the Internet, and it typically involves over-the-Internet provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources.

About Hawkins Consulting

We offer a wide range of services, from Desktop and Server support to online storage and LAN and WAN administration. We make IT affordable by bringing you best of breed solutions for a fraction of the price of other providers. We do this by keeping our costs low. We don’t have the overhead of most providers. We work mostly in the “virtual” world, maintaining and responding to requests instantly through online technologies. Need a printer installed. It will take minutes, not hours. We can be on your network within minutes satisfying your IT needs.